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The Instinctive Australian Shepherd

Celebrating the working origins of the Australian Shepherd

Dec 11, 2020

You thought the first episode was good? Part 2 of Around the Campfire with Larry and Glenda Teaff is even better! These two are such amazing story tellers. Re-join the conversation and learn about dog training and great dogs. Larry talks about how to judge power on a dog and what a dog has to do to be strong on...

Nov 18, 2020

Join me in a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Larry and Glenda Teaff. This episode reminds me of the post-trial campfires surrounded with friends and full of the dog stories where legends are made!

Larry and Glenda are dear friends who were there when I first got started in the dog trialing many years ago. Larry is...

Oct 22, 2020

Today's guest represents 3 generations of working Aussie breeding. Beth Crandall visits the show to talk about her family's line of working dogs. This episode is just jam packed with great working dog information, ranching talk and dog training.
This is one of those easy listening conversations about dogs that...

Sep 9, 2020

Today I get to interview Rick Hardin. Rick has been influential in the working Aussie for many years. This is a great historical episode - especially those of you fellow pedigree nerds!
We have lots of pedigrees to share of the dogs Rick mentioned. I will list the time and pedigree below. Enjoy!
Looking for...

Aug 24, 2020

Ever wonder what a dog can do to help you out on your operation? No matter how large or how small your place is, your Aussie partner can help you get the job done! 

Today’s episode is a very practical episode. It’s just me and my mic, surrounded by my best ranch hands, talking ranch and farm dogs! I am sharing the 6...