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The Instinctive Australian Shepherd

Celebrating the working origins of the Australian Shepherd

Dec 11, 2020

You thought the first episode was good? Part 2 of Around the Campfire with Larry and Glenda Teaff is even better! These two are such amazing story tellers. Re-join the conversation and learn about dog training and great dogs. Larry talks about how to judge power on a dog and what a dog has to do to be strong on cattle. Learn how to start dogs on cattle with a mature dog. Those of you who run under Larry as a judge should really listen to this. He shares what he wants to see in a trial dog as well as what is necessary to have in a ranch dog or ranch dog pair.

These stories of amazing dogs and what they have taught us are inspiring and heartwarming. The philosopher in Larry pops out too! I love these two so much and this conversation will give you a hint about why!

Edited by: Dorien Vogelaar 2020

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