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The Instinctive Australian Shepherd

Celebrating the working origins of the Australian Shepherd

Mar 3, 2020

Today I interview Dave Dourson from Kinetic Performance Dog Food company. This is a great conversation to listen to no matter what kind of diet you are feeding your dogs.

Dave and his partner designed a dog food that feeds the most elite canine athletes, warriors and performance dogs in the country. The Department of Defense dogs (think the military dogs that are deployed overseas and at home), many police departments and sheriff's department K-9s across the country as well as many high level performance and competition dogs are fed Kinetic Dog food.

I found out about Kinetic from another podcast I listen to called Working Dog Radio and decided to investigate it myself. This is a great product, and an awesome conversation about canine nutrition.

Learn how to read a dog food bag label properly. Dave shares industry insider information on what all those things on the side fo the dog food bag mean and how they can sometimes be misleading. 

We discuss the nutrition needs of the performance canine athlete and working dog and how dogs create energy from food. HINT: Not the same way people do! 

Dave shines a light on some not so upfront practices used in the dog food industry that you need to know about.

If your dog is a performance dog, a working farm or ranch dog or you have a dog suffering from medical or skin conditions, this podcast is a must listen. 

WARNING: Nerd alert! There is some science being discussed and even a little organic chemistry near the end. Don't be's all digestible (pun intended).

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