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The Instinctive Australian Shepherd

Celebrating the working origins of the Australian Shepherd

Jan 15, 2020

NERD ALERT! In this episode, I am talking with CA Sharp about the genetics of the Australian Shepherd and we dig into the tricky topic of genetics. 

CA Sharp is probably the most influential and knowledgable genetic researchers working with the Australian Shepherd breed. She is a science writer and internationally recognized lay expert on canine genetics and hereditary diseases.

We start the conversation on a grim note- discussing the most common genetic and life threatening diseases found in the Australian Shepherd- hemangiosarcoma and epilepsy. CA talks about the research efforts in this area and how is involved. 

Our conversation covers topics from DM to hip dysplasia. We also get lively with our discussion on how and when to use genetic testing to determine breeding pairs. 

This is a great conversation, but it barely scratches the surface of the genetics topic. Join us and learn more about this amazing breed! 

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